No project too small, too large, or too complex

Simple Solutions

We offer quick and simple options to record basic clinical information along with a number of patient-reported outcome measurement (PROMS) and patient reported experience measures (PREMS). We might already have the solutions you need available within HealthTracker™ – just ask us. Within this structure, patients can be asked to complete measures as many times as you want.

Bespoke Solutions

We specialize in the design and delivery of bespoke solutions for patient reported outcome measurement (PROMS), trial management, and clinical decision-making tools. Our solutions are flexible and scalable with options including complex decision-making algorithms and elegant, engaging fully animated measures for young people.

Our experience over the last ten years has taught us that many IT based health tools fail because they assume that ‘one suit fits all’. In reality standard ‘off the shelf’ solutions might initially appeal, but rarely offer the customisation that clinical services and clinical trials require long-term.

In contrast to many available solutions at present, we are set up to build specific modules tailored to your requirements, so that your clinicians and patients see only the items they need, when they need it.

We pride ourselves on elegant, efficient solutions that take your team where they need to be in the least time. Before giving any pricing estimates we will ask you to complete a simple form that allows you to tell us what you need. This usually contains enough information for us to give you a ballpark quote within a few days.