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 Professor Paramala Santosh – CEO

An internationally recognized child and adolescent psychiatrist with excellent clinical and academic expertise who founded HealthTracker™. Dedicated to developing, improving and helping embed HealthTracker™ wherever there is a need. Founded and leads a specialised national centre for interventional paediatric psychopharmacology and rare diseases.

Dr. Federico Fiori – Chief Technical Officer

A computational analyst and psychologist working within a specialist paediatric psychiatry unit, who has been involved in HealthTracker™ for many years and knows the platform inside out. He maintains oversight and assists in all of the IT developments.

Dr. Alfred Kolozsvari – Chief Finance Officer

A successful dentist and successful businessman who has been brought in to develop and maintain efficient business processes that facilitate growth and enhance client experience.

Dr. Kate Lievesley – Programme Manager

A psychologist working within academic and research setting, who has been with HealthTracker™ and project managed many of the large projects that have been completed. Provides project management for proposals its inception to its completion.

Nick Penkov

Has IT and project expertise with extensive experience of IT-based banking solutions and predictive decision-making solutions.

Prof. Paul Gringras – Co-Founder

A Paediatrician with internationally recognized clinical and academic expertise who helped with the birth and early development of HealthTracker™. Founded and leads one of the UK busiest paediatric sleep departments.