The Suicidality: Treatment Occurring in Pediatrics (STOP) project is a new pilot program, created by clinicians and investigators from 6 European countries that aims to reduce the rate of child suicides – a growing problem worldwide.


It aimed to generate child-friendly and age-appropriate online questionnaires inside hospitals and accident and emergency departments to help young patients to report in a safe environment any suicidal behaviors they may have.


STOP is a big EU project. By big we mean about 19 separate institutions, and every questionnaire in six languages.

HealthTracker was honoured to be the front-end delivering the questionnaires across all the institutions, and the back-end to securely capture, analyse and feed-back the data.

The project is now complete and the exciting next phase is to present the final unique branching questionnaires, complete with the proven algorithm working in the background on the HealthTracker platform, to clinicians in the real world via any smart phone.